Multi-Messenger Astronomy Workshop

Multi-Messenger Astronomy Workshop

■ March 2nd, 2017 10:25~ / March 3rd, 2017 9:00~

■ @ICEHAP office in Engineering Research Bldg.1 on 6th floor

Time Table

March 2nd

10:25~10:30 Shigeru Yoshida,
Chiba University
10:30~11:15 KazumiKashiyama,
University of Tokyo
High Energy Neutrinos and Transient Phenomena PDF [10MB] 
11:15~11:45 Masaomi Tanaka, NAOJ Electromagnetic Emission from Gravitational Wave Source PDF [15MB] 
11:45~13:00 Lunch Time Lunch Time
13:00~13:45 Aya Ishihara, Chiba University Multi-messenger Astronomy with the IceCube neutrino observatory PDF [5MB] 
13:45~14:30 Takanori Sakamoto,
Aoyama University
The Followup Observations by Swift and CALET Responding to the IceCube and LIGO Alerts PDF [16MB] 
14:30~14:45 Coffee BreakCoffee Break
14:45~15:30 Mareki Honma, NAOJ The Prospects of the VLBI Observations for Multi-messenger Astronomy PDF [6MB] 
15:30~16:15 Hiroshi Nagai, NAOJ The Observations of the Transient Sources by High-resolution Radio Telescopes and their Possibilities to Follow-up Detections of High Energy Neutrino Events PDF [620MB] 
16:15~16:45 Q&A Session +
Coffee Break
Q&A Session + Coffee Break
16:45~17:10 Satoru Takahashi,
Kobe University
γ-ray Observations by Balloon-Borne Emulsion Telescope with a High Angular Resolution. PDF [5MB] 
17:10~17:35 Makoto Sasaki,
University of Tokyo
Imaging Multi-Astroparticles with NTA PDF [8MB] 
18:15~????? funfest

March 3rd

9:00~9:45 Nozomu Tominaga,
Konan University
HSC Transient Survey PDF [5MB] 
9:45~10:30 Michinori Yoshida,
Hiroshima University
Japanese Electromagnetic Follow-up Network for Gravitational Wave Sources: J-GEM PDF [89MB] 
10:30~10:45 Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:45~11:30 Masaaki Hayashida,
University of Tokyo
Transient Observations in the VHE Gamma-ray Band by MAGIC/CTA and Cherenkov Telescopes PDF [32MB] 
11:30~12:15 Yasuyuki Tanaka, Hiroshima University The Present Status of Fermi and its Follow-up Observations to IceCube Neutrino Events PDF [16MB] 
12:15~13:30 Lunch Time Lunch Time
13:30~14:15 Nobuyuki Kanda,
Osaka City University
Status of Gravitational Wave Observations and Physics of GW Sources with Multi-messenger PDF [6MB] 
14:15~15:00 Motoko Serino, Riken Research Searching for Counterparts of Neutrino Events with MAXI PDF [6MB] 
15:00~15:30 Q&A Session +
Coffee Break
"Unit Conversions for the Multi-messenger Astronomy"
by Shigeru Yoshida,
Chiba University
PDF [184KB] 
15:30~15:55 Nobuyuki Kawai,
Tokyo Tech University
EM Observations in the Multi-messenger Astronomy Era PDF [24MB] 
15:55~16:40 Toru Tanimori,
Kyoto University
Establishment of Imaging Spectroscopy in MeV Gammas & its Application to GRB Detections PDF [3MB] 
16:40~17:05 Chinami Kato,
Waseda University
The Sign from the Progenitors for the Supernova Explosions PDF [3MB] 
17:05~17:55 Discussion "The Issues of Optical Follow-up Observations Responding to High Energy Neutrino Events"
by Masaomi Tanaka, NAOJ