Research Results | Neutrino Astronomy

2019 Research Result

    Presentations at International Conferences

  • Nov.17-22, 2019
    SUBARU TELESCOPE 20TH ANNIVERSARY,"Multi-messenger astronomy with high energy neutrinos ", S.Yoshida,The Big Island of Hawaii, USA
  • Sept.9-13, 2019
    TAUP2019,"D-Egg: new optical sensors for the IceCube Upgrade and Gen2"A. Ishihara, Institution, Toyama, Japan
  • July 25, 2019
    ICRC 2019,

    "Electronics Development for the New Photo-Detectors (PDOM and D-Egg) for IceCube-Upgrade(Poster)"R. Nagai, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    " The IceCube Upgrade - Design and Science Goals"A. Ishihara, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    " A novel method of rejecting muon backgrounds for the detection of the highest energy neutrinos (poster)"L. Lu, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    " Calibration LEDs in the IceCube Upgrade D-Egg Modules(Poster)"A. Kiriki, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    " Arrival direction reconstruction of ultra-high-energy neutrinos with ARA"M. Kim, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  • May 21-22, 2019
    AMON Workshop,
    " New generation of IceCube realtime alerts"L. Lu, Chiba University, Chiba Japan
  • Collaboration Meetings

  • Sept.16-20, 2019
    IceCube Collaboration Meeting 2019 Fall ,

    "Towards to a global-fit for diffuse neutrinos (invited plenary)", L. Lu, Chiba University, Chiba Japan"

    "Sensitivity to bubble column with DEgg flashers", A. Kiriki, Chiba University, Chiba Japan"

    "An update on the droop correction for the D-Egg HV board", S. Vargas, Chiba University, Chiba Japan"