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Project Associate Professor Matsumoto received the 2020 Chiba University Advanced Science Award, which is given to young researchers who have demonstrated high research ability, such as budding research or research with an original perspective, in order to contribute to the dissemination of highly original science and technology.
Chiba University Advanced Academic Award


Associate Professor Hotta received the Outstanding Achievement Award for HPCI Research Proposals in the category of Physics, Particle Science, and Space for the proposal "Exploration of thermal convection and magnetic field activity in low-mass stars (proposal number: hp190070)" at the 7th HPCI Research Announcement Meeting.
The 7th HPCI System Application Research Project Report Meeting with the K computer at the core


Today, the Nishina Memorial Foundation announced that Professor Shigeru Yoshida and Professor Aya Ishihara have been awarded the Nishina Memorial Prize. The Nishina Memorial Prize is awarded in memory of the late Dr. Yoshio Nishina to researchers who have made outstanding achievements in physics and its applications.
Nishina Memorial Foundation HP 2019 (65th) Nishina Memorial Prize Winners
Chiba University Global Prominence Research Website


The first identification of a neutrino emitting source object by the IceCube experiment has been selected as one of the ten greatest achievements of 2018 by the US science magazine Science.


Assistant Professor Hideyuki Hotta received the Young Researcher Award at the Asia-Pacific Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP 2018) held in Kanazawa, Japan on November 12-17, 2018.