Sep 8, 2017
PRL paper on particle acceleration by high Mach number shocks by Dr. Y. Matsumoto et al. published. (online September 8)
Mar 2-3, 2017
The Multi-Messenger Astronomy Workshop was held on March 2nd and 3rd. All the presentation titles and materials are now available in English.
Dec 9, 2016
The Science paper on EHE, "Constraints on Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Ray Sources from a Search for Neutrinos Above 10 PeV with IceCube" by Dr. A. Ishihara et al. is published and selected as "PRL Editors’ Suggestion”on Physical Review Letter.
Dec 5, 2016
Finalists Compete for Prestigious ACM Gordon Bell Prize in High Performance Computing [by a research team from RIKEN, Chiba University (Dr. Hotta), Kobe University and Fujitsu Ltd.]
Sept 7, 2016
Our newsletter, ICEHAP NEWS no.4 is now available.
July 11-16, 2016
6th East-Asia School and Workshop on Laboratory, Space, and Astrophysical plasmas [EASW2016]
Mar 25, 2016
Science paper on Large-scale magnetic fields at high Reynolds numbers in magnetohydrodynamic simulations by Dr. H. Hotta et al. published.
Nov 25, 2015
[Nikkei Sciense] Neutrinos at the Ends of the Earth, Francis Halzen, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN October 2015 [supervised by Dr. S. Yoshida] [in Japanese]
Oct 19, 2015
[Tokyo Shimbun] Detection of Neutrinos by IceCube [Dr. S. Yoshida] [in Japanese]
Aug 3 -7, 2015
Summer School SS2015 [in Japanese]
Feb 27, 2015
Science paper on Stochastic electron acceleration during spontaneous turbulent reconnection in a strong shock wave by Dr. Y. Matsumoto et al. published.
Dec 04, 2014
APJ paper on Astronomers Identify Gas Spirals as a Nursery of Twin Stars through ALMA Observation by Dr. T. Hanawa et al. published.
Aug 4 -8, 2014
Summer School SS2014 [in Japanese]
Jun 26, 2014
ICEHAP NEWS No.2 published.
Mar 15, 2014
5th YOJI TOTSUKA MEMORIAL PRIZE [Dr. S. Yoshida, Dr. Ishihara]
Mar 14, 2014
The ICEHAP Workshop "Cosmic Neutrino PeVatron (NuPeV 2014)" Presentation Files
Feb 17 -19, 2014
The ICEHAP Workshop "Cosmic Neutrino PeVatron (NuPeV 2014)" [in Japanese]
Jan 23, 2014
[Yomiuri Shimbun] Detection of Ultra-high Energy Neutrinos by IceCube
[Dr. S. Yoshida, Dr. Ishihara]