July 11(Mon), 2016

              Chair: H. Ji
9:15-10:45Nonlinear Kinetic Turbulence TheoryYoon, P.
10:45-11:15Coffee Break
11:15-11:45Magnetic turbulence and self-organization via magnetic reconnection in laser produced nonequilibrium extreme radiation plasmaKishimoto, Y.
11:45-12:15Turbulent reconnection and its implicationsLazarian, A.
              Chair: R. Matsumoto
13:50-14:20Injection Problems in Diffusive Shock Acceleration TheoryKang, H.
14:20-14:50Particle Acceleration and Transport at Collisionless ShocksAmano, T.
14:50-15:10Proton temperature-anisotropy-driven instability: Quasi-linear kinetic theorySeough, J.
15:10-15:40Coffee Break
15:40-16:10Roles of microinstabilities in collisionless shocksMatsukiyo, S.
16:10-16:40Frontiers for laboratory study of magnetic reconnection relevant to helio and astrophysicsJi, H

July 12(Tue), 2016

              Chair: S. Matsukiyo
9:15-10:45Magnetic reconnection in solar flares and pulsar magnetosphereMelrose, D.
10:45-11:15Coffee Break
11:15-11:45The Onset Mechanism of Solar EruptionKusano, K.
11:45-12:15Magnetic Reconnection and Instability in Solar EruptionSong, H. Q.
              Chair: K. Kusano
13:50-14:20Large-scale MHD simulation of solar convection zone and dynamoHotta, H.
14:20-14:40Experimental study of electron acceleration mechanism during high guide field reconnectionYamasaki, K.
14:40-15:00Conceptual Design of the Asymmetric Reconnection EXperiment (AREX)Mao, A.
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
15:30-16:00Three-dimensional structures of high-Mach-number shocks and associated electron accelerationsMatsumoto, Y.
16:00-16:30Parallel 3D Electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell Simulation for Relativistic JetsCai, D.
16:30-16:50Jeans Instability of a Self-Gravitating Thermally Conducting Viscoelastic Fluid with Radiative EffectsKaothekar, S.

July 13(Wed), 2016

              Chair: T. Amano
9:15-10:45Gyrokinetic simulation of fusion and space plasmasWatanabe, T.-H.
10:45-11:15Coffee Break
11:15-11:45Bounce-averaged gyrokinetic simulations of tokamak micro-turbulenceKwon, J.-M.
11:45-12:15Gyrofluid Simulation of Tokamak Plasma Kim, S. S.
Parallel Student session
              Student Session A Chair: H. Q. Song
13:50-14:05Fast magnetic reconnection supported by sporadic small-scale Petschek-type shocks Shibayama, T.
14:05-14:20The effects of an optically-thin synchrotron radiation cooling in the Petscheck type reconnection processTakeshige, S.
14:20-14:35Electron acceleration by cascading reconnection in the solar coronaZhou, X.
14:35-14:50Simulation Study of Solar Flare Trigger MechanismMuhamad, J.
14:50-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-15:35Double Arc Instability in the solar coronaIshiguro, N.
15:35-15:50Solar energy transport with significantly suppressed velocityArai, S.
15:50-16:05Role of ExB Shear and Precession Shear in Electron Thermal Internal Transport Barrier FormationChoi, G.J.
              Student Session B Chair: Y. Matsumoto
13:50-14:05Toward the Development of a New MHD Code for Fusion PlasmaHa, S.
14:05-14:20Stratified simulation of collisionless accretion disks by kinetic MHD with anisotropic pressureHirabayashi, K.
14:20-14:35Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Galactic Prominence with Cooling/Heating processesPeng, C.-H.
14:35-14:50Numerical solutions of Neutrino-Dominated Accretion Flows with a Non-Zero Torque Boundary Condition and its applications in Gamma-ray BurstsXie, W.
14:50-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-15:35A large-amplitude electromagnetic wave excited in relativistic shocksIwamoto,M.
15:35-15:50Particle in Cell Simulation of the Weibel Instability Driven by Spatially Anisotropic StructuresTomita, S.
15:50-16:05Characteristics of radiation in non-equilibrium plasma produced by high intensity laserKawahito, D.

July 14(Thu), 2016

              Chair: K. Ida
9:15-10:45Particle acceleration in laboratory magnetosphere Kawazura, Y.
10:45-11:15Coffee Break
11:15-11:45Plasma rotation in the PKU Plasma Test DeviceXiao, C.
11:45-12:15Toward creation of electron-positron plasmas in a laboratorySaitoh, H.
              Chair: C. Xiao
13:50-14:20Explore of magnetic topology by heat pulse propagation methodIda, K.
14:20-14:40Abrupt excitation of a subcritical instability in magnetically confined plasmas in the LHDIdo, T.
14:40-15:00Experimental Study of Turbulent Transport and the Effect of Rotation in an Eelectro-ConvectionNagaoka, K.
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
15:30-16:00Turbulent wakefield acceleration of relativistic particlesKuramitsu, Y.
16:00-16:20High Power Laser-Plasma Interaction under a Strong Magnetic FieldSano, T.
16:20-16:40Radiation reaction in interactions between ultrahigh intensity laser fields and cluster mediaIwata, N.

July 15(Fri), 2016

              Chair: M. Hoshino
9:15-10:45Electron Acceleration in Collisionless ReconnectionLu, Q.
10:45-11:15Coffee Break
11:15-11:45Magnetic Fields in the Large-Scale Structure of the UniverseRyu, D.
11:45-12:15Tidal disruption events with a relativistic jetLei, W.-H.
              Chair: D. Ryu
13:50-14:20Plasma Dynamics in Accretion DisksMatsumoto, R.
14:20-14:50High Energy Neutrino AstronomyLi, Z.
14:50-15:10Induced Compton Scattering off Anisotropic RadiationTanaka, S. J.
15:10-15:40Coffee Break
15:40-16:10Magnetic Reconnection in Solar and Astrophysical Plasmas Shibata, K.
16:10-16:30Particle Acceleration of Driven Magnetic ReconnectionHoshino, M.

July 16(Sat), 2016

🚍 Excursion🚍    ►►►►►► JAXA,KEK

Poster Session (MONDAY afternoon to THURSDAY morning)

P-01Choi, J.Transient time scale of poloidal Alfven waves in dipole geometry
P-02Kaneda, K.Polarization Characteristics and Depolarization Processes of Zebra Pattern in Type IV Solar Radio Bursts
P-03Kato, Y.X-ray observation of shocks within the plasma in clusters of galaxies
P-04Kumthekar, B. K.The Role of Diffusivity and Viscosity in Solar Plasma
P-05Lee, K. P.Gyro-kinetic Study of Residual Zonal Flow for Slowing down Distribution Function
P-06Ozawa, N.Observation of Azimuthal Doppler Effect by Optical Vortex
P-07Shibayama, T.Fast magnetic reconnection supported by sporadic small-scale Petschek-type shocks
P-08Shimoda, J.Importance of Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability on measurements of Cosmic-Ray acceleration efficiency at Supernova Remnants
P-09Tanaka, S. J.A Stochastic Acceleration Model of Radio Emission from Pulsar Wind Nebulae
P-10Xie, W.Numerical solutions of Neutrino-Dominated Accretion Flows with a Non-Zero Torque Boundary Condition and its applications in Gamma-ray Bursts
P-11Zaitsev, I.Numerical investigation of slow-mode shock waves in 1D simulations of thin current layer decay
P-12Zhang, P.Radio emission processes and magnetic field measurement of an M-class flare on August 27 2015
P-13Kin, F.Phase relation between Density and Potential fluctuations in Streamer