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2017.7 ICEHAP NEWS No.7[PDF]
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Neutrino Handouts

Degitalbook Searching for the secret to Neutrino [in Japanese]
LINE-like handout Neu and Rino talk about Neutrino at 1AM [in Japanese]

Public Lecture

2016.3.27 COSMIC CAFE [in Japanese]
2013.3.17 COSMIC CAFE [in Japanese]

International Conference

2012.2.20~2.22 Particles and Radiation from Cosmic Accelerators CA2012


2014.2.17~2.19 Cosmic Neutrino PeVatron (NuPeV 2014) [in Japanese]
2013.2.18~2.19 Workshop WS2013
2012.3.5~3.6 Workshop WS2012

ICEHAP Seminar

2018.12.17 Chromospheric Anemone Jets and Partially Ionized Plasmas: Non-linear, Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Effects
Dr. K. Alkendra P. Singh (Astronomical Observatory, Kyoto University, Japan, and Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India)
2018.11.12 High-energy Gamma Rays and Neutrinos from the Sun
Dr. Kenny Chun Yu Ng (Weizmann Institute of Science)
2017.7.28 Observation of the universe's highest energetic particles and a next-generation observatory
Dr. Toshihiro Fujii (ICRR, Tokyo University)
2017.5.16 Thermal particles in GRB afterglows: low energy, high impact
Dr. Donald Warren (Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory, RIKEN)
2017.2.27 How to connect black hole binary observations with MRI simulations
Prof. Chris Done (University of Durham, UK and JSPS Fellow ISAS/JAXA)
2017.1.26 The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Dr. Keiko Kokeyama (ICRR, University of Tokyo)
2016.8.30 New Insights into Chromospheric Structure and Dynamics ~ Oscillations and Vortices
Dr. Yoshiaki Kato (University of Oslo)
2016.7.25 Cosmic-ray reservoirs as multi-messenger sources
Dr. Kohta Murase (Pennsylvania State University)
Presentation File[PDF, 14MB]
2016.6.22 Test of hadronic interaction models by a LHC forward experiment; LHCf
Dr. Hiroaki Menjo (Nagoya University)
Presentation File[PDF, 10MB]
2016.3.28 Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory relevant to Astrophysics and Hadronic Physics
Dr. Alan Watson (University of Leeds)
2015.12.7 The Cosmic Dawn : Physics of the First Luminous Objects
Dr. Ken Chen (NAOJ)
2015.11.4 Rethinking GRBs as sources of high-energy neutrinos
Dr. Mauricio Bustamante (CCAPP, USA)
2015.11.2 Neutrino astronomy and oscillation research in the abysses: ANTARES and KM3NeT
Dr. Véronique Van Elewyck (APC, Paris)
2015.10.21 An Electron-Tracking Compton Telescope for a Survey of the Deep Universe by MeV gamma-rays
Dr. Toru Tanimori (Kyoto U)
2015.6.9 Tests of Lorentz and CPT violation with neutrinos
Dr. Teppei Katori (QMUL, UK)
2015.4.20 Dr. Tomoaki Ishiyama (Chiba U)
Supercomputer Simulations of Structure Formation in the Universe
2015.4.8 Dr. Yosuke Matsumoto (Chiba U)
Supercomputing for exploring electron accelerations in strong shock waves
Presentation File[PDF, 25MB]
2015.1.13 Dr. Jeremy Lim (U. of Hong Kong)
What is the “High-Velocity System”?
2014.9.26 Dr. Masato Shiozawa (U. of Tokyo)
Neutrino oscillation study with atmospheric neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande
2014.9.5 Dr. Masaki Ishitsuka (Tokyo Tech)
Improved measurements of theta13 and reactor energy spectrum by the Double Chooz experiment
2014.7.25 Dr. Koji Yoshimura (Okayama U)
Quest for antimatter in the Universe: The BESS-Polar experiment over Antarctica
2014.7.18 Dr. Shigenobu Hirose (JAMSTEC)
Convection causes enhanced magnetic turbulence in accretion disks in outbursts
2014.5.15 Dr. Tomotake Matsumura (ISAS, JAXA)
The cosmological implications from the recent results of the CMB polarization experiments, and the prospect for a future satellite mission.
Presentation File[PDF, 35MB]
2014.2.20 Dr. Kohta Murase (IAS, USA)
Probing deaths of massive stars with subphotospheric emission
2013.7.22 Prof. Geoffrey Bicknell (ANU, Australia)
Relativistic Jets and Black Hole Accretion Disks
2013.7.19 Dr. Mark Miesch (HAO/NCAR, USA)
Meridional Circulation in Solar and Stellar Convection Zones
2012.7.5 Dr. Simon Candelaresi (NORDITA, Sweden)
Magnetic Helicity Fluxes in Dynamically Quenched Dynamos
2012.5.14 Dr. Olivier Berne (IRAP, France)
Observing and Understanding Hydrodynamical Instabilities in Star Forming Regions
Presentation File[PDF, 22MB]


Division of Neutrino Astronomy Published Papers, Presentations at International Meeting
Division of Plasma Astrophysics Published Papers, Presentations at International Meeting

Press Release


2016.12.5 Finalists Compete for Prestigious ACM Gordon Bell Prize in High Performance Computing [by a research team from RIKEN, Chiba University (Dr. Hotta), Kobe University and Fujitsu Ltd.]
2014.3.15 5th YOJI TOTSUKA MEMORIAL PRIZE [Dr. S. Yoshida, Dr. Ishihara]
2013.12.16 Cosmic neutrinos named Physics World 2013 Breakthrough of the Year
[ IOP (Institute of Physics) ]
2013.7.10 The IUPAP award news from IceCube [Dr. Ishihara]
2013.5.8 IUPAP Young Scientist Awards 2013 [Dr. Ishihara]

News Release

2016.12.5 K computer takes first place on HPCG benchmark
"Simulations of Below-Ground Dynamics of Fungi: 1.184 Pflops Attained by Automated Generation and Autotuning of Temporal Blocking Codes" [Dr. H. Hotta et al.]
News Release [in Japanese]   ⁄  ・Web Release
2016.3.25 Science paper "Large-scale magnetic fields at high Reynolds numbers in magnetohydrodynamic simulations" [Dr. H. Hotta et al.] published. (Sceince, online March 25)
News Release [in Japanese]   ⁄  ・Web Release [in Japanese]
2015.2.27 Science paper "Stochastic electron acceleration during spontaneous turbulent reconnection in a strong shock wave" [Dr. Y.Matsumoto et al.] published. (Sceince, online February 27)
News Release [in Japanese]
2014.12.04 The Astrophysical Journal paper "Angular Momentum Exchange by Gravitational Torques and Infall in the Circumbinary Disk of the Protostellar System L1551 NE" [Dr. T.Hanawa et al.] published.
News Release [in Japanese]
2013.12.02 Press Conference [Dr. Yoshida, Dr. Ishihara]
"Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the IceCube Detector" (Science, online November 22)
News Release [in Japanese]
2013.11.20 Physical Review Letters paper "Electron acceleration in a nonrelativistic shock with very high Alfven Mach number" [Dr. Y.Matsumoto et al.] published. (online November 19)
News Release [in Japanese]
2012.6.12 Dr. Yoshida made a presentation at a press conference.
"Detection of high energy neutrinos by IceCube"
News Release [in Japanese] / ・Presentation File [in Jananese]

Media Article

2016.03.25 Breaking news [Large-scale magnetic fields at high Reynolds numbers in magnetohydrodynamic simulations, Science 351, aad1893] : Sankei News, Chunichi Shimbun, International Business Times,, Mashable, Howstuffworks, Popular science [Dr. H. Hotta]
2016.03.24 [Le Scienze] Una simulazione ad alta risoluzione del campo magnetico solare [Una delle immagini generate al computer dalla simulazione (Cortesia Hideyuki Hotta/Università di Chiba) 24 marzo 2016] [in Italian]
2015.11.25 [Nikkei Sciense] Neutrinos at the Ends of the Earth, Francis Halzen, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN October 2015 [supervised by Dr. S. Yoshida] [in Japanese]
2015.10.19 [Tokyo Shimbun] Detection of Neutrinos by IceCube [Dr. S. Yoshida] [in Japanese]
2015.04.03 [The Science News] Stochastic electron acceleration during spontaneous turbulent reconnection in a strong shock wave [Dr. Y. Matsumoto]
2015.03.04 Breaking news [Stochastic electron acceleration during spontaneous turbulent reconnection in a strong shock wave, Science 347, 1260168] : Zaikei Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Chiba Nippo, Sankei News, Shimbun Akahata, Nishinippon Shimbun, Shizuoka Shimbun, 47 NEWS, Chunichi Shimbun, Kyoto Shimbun, Kahoku Shimpo, Tokyo Shimbun [Dr. Y. Matsumoto]
2014.12.11 [Asahi Shimbun] Astronomers Identify Gas Spirals as a Nursery of Twin Stars through ALMA Observation [Dr. T. Hanawa]
2014.1.23 [Yomiuri Shimbun] Detection of Ultra-high Energy Neutrinos by IceCube
[Dr. S. Yoshida, Dr. Ishihara]
2013.11.22 Breaking news [Detection of Ultra-high Energy Neutrinos by IceCube, Science 342, 1242856] : Mainichi Shimbun, Chiba Nippo, Sankei News, Shimbun Akahata, Nishinippon Shimbun, Shizuoka Shimbun, 47 NEWS, Chunichi Shimbun, Kyoto Shimbun, Kahoku Shimpo, Tokyo Shimbun
2013.4.26 Breaking news in US media [Dr. Ishihara]
2013.2.8 Dr. A. Ishihara had a telephone interview.
"The First Detection of Ultra-high Energy Neutrinos"
[Discovery Channel, USA]
2013.2.6 "IceCube reveals interesting high-energy neutrino events" are published via the officeal IceCube online news.
2012.6.24 [Mainichi Shimbun] Detection of high energy neutrinos by IceCube
[Dr. S. Yoshida]
2012.6.21 [Asahi Shimbun] Detection of high energy neutrinos by IceCube
[Dr. S. Yoshida]
2012.6.13 [Chiba Nippo] Detection of high energy neutrinos by IceCube
[Dr. S. Yoshida]
2012.6.9 [Yomiuri Shimbun] Detection of high energy neutrinos by IceCube
[Dr. S. Yoshida]